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Work Environment

We are a fully remote company with big ambitions, and there's still so much left to build. Let's come together and create a change. Join us!

Sprints - the system to keep achieving our goals

We work in two-week sprints. Meaning every two weeks, we have a retrospective and planning session. We analyse which tasks are in progress, and add any new ones we need to work on.


It gives us more focus, transparency, and flexibility to manage any opportunities and changes coming in the meantime. We also see it as a chance to recognize and celebrate small successful steps in the big process.

At Work
Remote Team Meeting

Daily stand-ups

Daily, we jump on a quick call to keep each other updated about the progress of our work. This way, we follow easily which tasks are accomplished and which ones are still in progress.

It's also the place to communicate when we get blocked and need support to move forward, so we act in time.

We did a great job - let's celebrate it!

Whenever we have a successful sprint and we accomplish all the planned tasks, we celebrate it by having a pizza. Either remotely or meeting together in a selected venue - as some of us live close by. 

Choose your favourite flavour and enjoy it!

Pizza Margherita

No dress code

We don't follow any specific dress code, and won't be telling you what to wear.

Our experience tells us just to mention that wearing pants to the video calls is mandatory.

Coffee meetings

Love chatting with your colleagues over a cup of coffee in the office kitchen? You won't miss on this one!

Twice a week, we get all together for a chat about everything and anything. Everyone is invited, so prepare your favourite drink and join with a click.

Go Kart Racing

Going outs

Working remotely doesn't mean we don't know each other. While working from all over the world, some of us are based in the same countries or even the cities.

Whenever we have a chance, we go out, have dinner and drinks, or organize special events - from the escape rooms and driving go-karts to.... whatever idea is on our mind, so share yours and let's do it!

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