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Our Culture

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to

change the way businesses operate


simplifying complex daily processes & increasing business efficiency

with our quality ERP solutions


the continuous improvement of our already existing solutions 

to address our customers' business needs the best we can

& delivering innovation to the market

.... is the Mission which drives us every day

Our Values

Quality, not quantity

Only skilled craftsmen can build outstanding and reliable products. That's why, when it comes to both people and products, we follow the idea of less is more.

We hire one top talent instead of two average ones. Same goes for our solutions - we build and develop a few excellent products instead of many mediocre ones.

Person Analyzing Statistics
Earth Projection

Think BIG

We know where we are heading. Becoming one of the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution providers globally is our main aspiration.

We see big ideas made of tiny doable pieces rather than full of limitations and "impossibles". We like challenging ourselves and staying agile. In the end, delivering short-term "here & now" goals the best we can... moves us forward in our long-term direction.

We build the change we want to see in the world by being:

  • ambitious

  • passionate

  • self-motivated

  • proactive


Having a smaller team full of talented people brings less chaos while we keep on growing. It brings more value for everyone too!

Traits we appreciate in our teammates are:

  • Responsibility

  • Independence

  • Expertise

  • Acting in the company's best interest (leaders = owners)

  • Staying organized & making meaningful actions

  • Understanding that small tasks matter

It also comes together with trust and accountability for one's actions and performance.

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Freedom & Flexibility

We don't limit or bombard you with rules as we all are responsible adults who thrive on freedom. You are an expert in what you do, and so we build our relationship on trust.




At first, good is better than perfect. Perfection comes with time.

There's no reason to spend time developing "perfect" things that may be useless for our customers. Deliver quality solutions and then focus on continuous improvement to the highest standards and adjust them to the customers' needs as much as possible.

Crossing the Finish Line

Let's make them Badass

We are always so exited to hear we make companies badass in what they do. Seeing our solutions in action and delivering results in real life.

Thinking big and making it all about the customer allows us to challenge the status quo. Only this way we can come up with innovative solutions that set up new market standards.

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