Thomas Kraits Introduces Revolutionary TruDiagnostic TruAge Epigenetic Tests to European Market

April 16, 2024

Thomas Kraits, in a pivotal move to advance personal health technology, has become the official European distributor for TruDiagnostic's TruAge COMPLETE & PACE epigenetic tests. These innovative tests provide insights into the biological clock, revealing the interaction between genetics and lifestyle, and are powered by the groundbreaking OMICm technology and DunedinPACE age algorithms.

Unveiling the Secrets of Aging with OMICm Age

OMICm Age delves deep into the underlying causes of aging through its comprehensive analysis. This advanced algorithm assesses a wide array of proteins, metabolites, and clinical biomarkers to provide a detailed view of the factors influencing aging.

By correlating these measurements with biological age, OMICm Age provides new insights into factors that may accelerate aging, offering a more integrated understanding of an individual’s health and aging profile. This innovative approach gives healthcare providers and patients actionable data to address and mitigate aging factors.

Advanced Aging Dynamics Uncovered with DunedinPACE

The DunedinPACE algorithm is a significant advancement in understanding individual aging processes. It uses sophisticated epigenetic markers to assess the pace of aging — not merely the biological age.

DunedinPACE enables the customisation of health strategies, guiding interventions aimed at slowing the aging process based on specific epigenetic profiles. This tool is essential for those aiming to extend their health-span and gain deeper insights into their aging process.

Comprehensive Biological Age Assessment with TruAge Epigenetic Tests

TruDiagnostic offers two distinct but complementary epigenetic tests: TruAge Complete and TruAge Pace. Each employs unique technologies to provide detailed insights into the aging process.

TruAge COMPLETE uses OMICm Age to analyze a wide range of biomarkers, offering a comprehensive view of biological aging and revealing factors contributing to it.

TruAge PACE uses the DunedinPACE algorithm to measure aging pace, providing a focused view of how an individual’s biological age is evolving compared to their chronological age.

These tests are invaluable for those seeking to understand and manage their aging process effectively.

Enhancing Longevity Through Personalized Health Insights

TruDiagnostic's detailed insights into epigenetic makeup empower individuals with knowledge for personalized longevity strategies. Understanding one's biological clock is crucial in pursuing a longer lifespan, making these tests invaluable for those committed to personal wellness.

Join us at Thomas Kraits as we introduce these transformative health tools to the European market, offering a new dimension of personalised health and longevity.