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We are a fully remote company with big ambitions, and there's still so much left to build. Let's come together and create a change. Join us!


We believe our people - individually and collectively - are what set us apart. That's why we increase employee freedom and growth together with creating an inclusive environment, where everyone feels respected, treated fairly, and recognised for their achievements.

We strive to create a working environment that's fully adjusted to your needs, and beneficial for your personal well-being.

Competitive compensation

While many companies offer a bonus system or additional monthly perks on top, we decided to give you a larger base salary instead. This way, you can decide for yourself what you spend money on.

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The Time

Flexibile hours

We recognise that one size does not fit all and so we offer a flexible working environment where everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

  • Fully remote work

  • Flexible working time - set up an individual schedule that fits you best!

Create your ideal home office. It's on us.

You most likely know better than anyone else which items you need to be successful at your job. We're open to your suggestions - just let us know what you need, and we'll do our best!

For a start, you get:

  • all computer equipment required for your work

  • additional budget for any workspace equipment you need to create a working environment where you feel good

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Digital Nomad

Work from any place around the world. Any time.

As we operate fully virtually, there's no physical office. This way, you can stay flexible and work from any place you want.

You'll work with great teammates based in various countries too. For now, our team is based in the UK, Poland, Malta, and one of us is currently thinking of moving to the Canary Islands - why not, it's possible!

Training & development

We want to support your success. That's why we offer:

  • An individual annual budget for each employee for additional trainings and courses

  • Subscriptions or educational materials coverage

  • Additional: coaching, mentoring, participating in conferences and industry events, etc.

If you feel any specific training is helpful for your professional development - just reach out, and let's discuss how we could best support you.


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